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Having trouble finding a grant that suits your needs?

Do you want to submit exceptional Grant Applications that tick all the boxes?

How about saving time and tears by merely providing the relevant information and having the magic woven for you?

No experience in project management, planning, hitting timelines and milestones or saving documentation for acquittals and audits?

Keen to hand over all that acquittal stuff and get onto your next exciting project?

Let me be your funding solution

I will help you find exciting grant opportunities, translate the blur of grant lingo, tame unfriendly online applications, keep your project train on track and deliver award-worthy acquittals.

How I can help you


Grant seeking

Clarify what you really need funding for.

Find the right grant for your needs.


Grant writing

Find the unique factors that make your application special.

Weave the words to make a compelling submission.

Provide support for grant submissions.

Review and provide feedback on draft proposals.


Grant management

Create a plan to match the application.

Hit timelines and milestones.

Keep documentation and budgets on track.


Compile and organise all the relevant information.

Ensure that acquittal meets all agreement requirements.

“Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe.”

G.T. Smith


Answers to the top four questions my customers ask.

Can I find a grant to fund staffing or operations?

In general, apart from COVID assistance, it is extremely difficult to find funding to support the ongoing operations and the payment of staff of an organisation.

There are occasionally ways to be creative and craft a compelling request.

What is leverage funding?

Leveraged funds are a financial commitment toward the costs of a project from a source other than the granting organization. Leveraging can be achieved by a commitment from the grantee of in-kind or in cash, through various partnerships or an application for a grant with another funding body.

What are in-kind contributions?

In-kind contributions are donations of time, goods or services. They are contributions that would otherwise have cost money and therefore reduce the total amount of cash requested by the grant applicant. In-kind contributions are also used as leverage funding.

Our organisation needs more money, but we don’t have a specific project. Can we ask for funding?

In short NO. Applying for funding is very competitive and you need to know exactly what you are going to do with the money, have external quotes available and provide a clear strategic plan of your organisations goals and visions for the future.

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