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Grant Seeking

Tell me what your organisation’s goals are and I will help you clarify what you need funding for and find the right grant for your needs.

Funding Fundamentals Grant Wriring

Grant Writing

Funding Fundamentals offers over a decade of experience in both grant writing and assessing grant applications, giving you the benefit of skilled communication and a strong understanding of what funding bodies are seeking when they evaluate grants.

Working with me, you will save time and reduce the stress of understanding the Grant Guidelines. I will find eye-catching wording and, most importantly, give you an expert approach and advice in developing applications that have the maximum chance of success in securing funding.

I will take the confusion out of grant applications and support your organisation in securing the funds it needs to deliver projects and services.

Funding Fundamentals Grant Management

Grant Management

Take the stress and administrative burden of grants management out of the equation. Your greatest worth is working on your core business, not fiddling around managing documentation, remembering timelines and tracking photo worthy moments for the acquittal.

Funding Fundamentals offers:

  • comprehensive grant management coordination including application preparation, negotiation, reporting, meeting timelines and acquitting;
  • grant administration services including project status reporting, quarterly, annual and final acquittal reports;
  • manage and acquit grant-funded projects
Funding Fundamentals Acquittals


Funding Fundamentals will request all the necessary documentation from you, compile and organise all the relevant information and not only ensure that acquittal meets all agreement requirements, but that your project looks outstanding and has added value to your funding body.

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